Our story began in 1990 with Theo and Carol Drepaniotis. JD established the company (then known as John Dore Carpeting) as a family business that primarily was involved in installations. JD have since evolved to include 6 partners and 10 national branches whilst maintaining a company culture reminiscent of a family. Over the years, JD expanded our service offering to incorporate our consultative services which aides our clients to select ideal applications for their interior needs.

Our focus has never just been about our turnover, but rather, to help our clients realise their design objectives by walking and guiding them through the often daunting process.

Carol Drepaniotis

Our Flooring Story

Established (1990): JOHN DORE CARPETS

  • John Mbuyisa and Theodore Drepaniotis
  • Specialised in installation of carpets and vinyls

Milestone – Gauteng

  • 1994  –  1st Franchise
  • Supply chain increased – products included laminated wood, solid wood, ceramic tiles
  • 1997  –  2005 expanded to 9 branches
  • 2008  –  Carol Drepaniotis becomes CEO

Milestone – Rebrand (2011): JOHN DORE FLOORING

  • 2012  –  10 branches nationally
  • 6 affiliated companies across the country

Our Team

In the spirit of transformation, our installation teams are owners in their own right. This has helped us to align our vision across our different stores nationally. JD also have our own in-house fitting teams to maintain our quality standards. Both our installers and sales consultants are involved in training and skills development programmes which enable us to stay abreast of industrial trends and techniques. JD believe it is necessary for our sales teams to have an intricate understanding of our service offering and products so that they can advise clients accordingly.

Our Accreditations

JD have achieved a Level 1 BEE status across all our branches.

At John Dore Flooring we do understand the need to transform and create equal opportunities for our partners and staff.


Our Value Promise

Our commitment to our clients can be seen as follows:

  • Consultative Approach – in walking the journey with you from the ideation stage right through to our after-sales service, JD are willing to guide our clients as they make important decisions regarding their interior.
  • Customer Satisfaction – this is of paramount importance to us and JD have thus set up customer satisfaction measurement capabilities to monitor this.
  • Trust – JD value your investment as our own and thus do our best to ensure that it is in safe hands.
  • Contemporary Service – with one of the widest ranges in flooring products and our commitment to keeping abreast with all the latest national and international trends in order to provide our clients with unique and relevant solutions to meet their needs.
  • National Footprint – with 10 branches located across the country, JD are able to maintain our quality standards at attractive prices.
  • Management System – this system which includes project management and call centre services enables us to deliver on projects timeously and measure our customers’ satisfaction.

Why Choose John Dore?

In addition to our value promise, JD believe you should choose us because we pride ourselves in being:

  • Forward thinking – our management solution has been developed to help clients during their project process
  • Industry experts – with 26 years of experience and sustainable growth over the years, JD have cultivated our expertise to be leaders in the industry.
  • Quality driven – at all times and on all our deliverables, quality is of utmost importance to us. JD have a customer satisfaction measurement plan in place to ensure this.
  • Dedicated – to you, to your vision and to our service offering
  • Committed– to delivering on our promise
  • (Going) the extra mile – we walk our clients through from project conceptualisation through to delivery, with our after-sales services being crucial to our service delivery
  • Detailed & meticulous – on our installations and project delivery.
  • Consultative – we are here for our clients and seek to offer the best advice to them and for their projects.
  • Customer Focused – in all we do, our focus is to provide our clients with great service and quality
  • Industry Leader – with our years of expertise and longevity in the industry, we have positioned ourselves as an industry leader
  • New technologies – such as the dustless sanding machine. We strive to stay relevant and ahead in our operations.
  • Integration – we are able to integrate our systems with some existing procurement and ordering systems.

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